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DEDAK Started Accreditation Studies with 2 Pilot Programs


DEDAK accepted applications from institutions in February 2019 to start the pilot accreditation work with 1 Foundation and 1 State University. In the process when 3 foundation and 11 state universities applied, the number and rate of students studying in English-speaking departments were taken as selection criteria. In the ranking made according to this criterion, DEDAK was selected as the pilot program because it is the first university in its category in the ranking of the Ankara University English Preparatory School and the Foundation universities among the applications made by the State University, İzmir University of Economics English Preparatory School. After the official accreditation applications with the pilot programs, the studies started. Visits were made to both institutions. and the first accreditation trainings were given. During the pilot program, it is aimed to improve the accreditation processes and practices by receiving feedback from the pilot programs about the process and criteria.

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