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DEDAK in Brief

The Association for Language Education, Evaluation and Accreditation (DEDAK) is an independent body that promotes the quality of language education in Turkey at all levels of education and particularly for language (education) programs at universities/higher education institutions by conducting accreditation, evaluation, consultancy, educational and informative studies.


The “Quality Assurance System and Higher Education Quality Board” have been established pursuant to the Higher Education bill (Chapter Six: Auditing of Higher Education and Higher Education Quality Assurance System); the emphasis being laid on National/International Quality and Accreditation in Higher Education Institutions and it has been confirmed that Quality Assurance Systems are required in order to secure the quality of the services rendered at the program/institutional level. Accordingly, taking the European Language Portfolio as a basis, within the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey (NQF-HETR), the minimum qualification requirements for each higher education level (Associate, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post Graduate degrees) are defined. Thus, DEDAK was founded to evaluate and develop the Language Education Programs offered at Higher Education Institutions, in response to such needs.

DEDAK first started out in October 2012, with an Establishment Committee consisting of five (5) Directors of Schools of Foreign Languages (SFL), its “Board of Directors”, selected from five different (public and foundation) universities. Later on, with the participation of three more universities and as a result of the efforts of nine (9) Establishment Committee members, DEDAK became an association in 2016.

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