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We share the draft version of DEDAK Evaluation criteria to get feedback from you.


In the DEDAK Evaluation Criteria document, we put the explanations that we expect to be made for each criterion under the 'Explanation' section. In the 'Additions to the Self-Assessment Report' section under the Description section, we ask the programs to list the indicators that support their descriptions and are added to the report. It is expected that the indicators that cannot be included in the report and will be displayed during the field visit will be listed under the heading 'To Present at the Site Visit'. In addition, the Additional-Scopes section at the end of the document includes an explanation about the criteria. We recommend that you also take a look at this section to better understand the criteria.


We kindly ask you to send us all your opinions, feedbacks and questions about the criteria at until 30 October 2018.


In this process, if there are members who want to share their views with us face to face instead of conveying their opinions in writing, DEDAK will be at the YDY Executives meeting to be held in Siirt on 18-19 October and we will be planning a session for this purpose.


We will also be holding a focus group meeting in order to clarify the issues that emerged after all the feedback we received from you and to finalize the Criteria.  

Dedak Evaluation Criteria

DEDAK Accreditation Standards

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