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For DEDAK's new member acceptance procedures, please fill in the membership application form and send it to in either excel (unsigned) or scanned form in jpeg or pdf format. After the membership applications are evaluated, when you receive an e-mail regarding the acceptance of your membership application, you need to send us the wet-ink signature version of the form. You will receive an e-mail regarding the activation of your membership after the membership fee of ₺300 per year is paid.


Below are the articles regarding the membership taken from the Charter


Membership Terms and Admission

ARTICLE 3- (1) Upon the decision of the Executive Board and applying in writing, any real person with a capacity to act can become a member of the Association for Language Education, Evaluation and Accreditation provided that

a) s/he works or has worked as lecturers in the fields of language education or educational sciences at universities, or

b) s/he is experienced in language education and/or quality issues in education, although not included in

(2) Individuals and corporate persons who have provided substantial financial and moral support to the Association can be accepted as honorary members with the decision of the Executive Board. The conditions specified in Paragraph 3.1 are not required for honorary membership.

(3) The Executive Board decides on the application by evaluating the qualifications of the applicants and his/her contribution to DEDAK’s activities.

(4) The membership application to be made in writing to the President of the Association is decided by the Executive Board of the Association as acceptance or rejection of the request within thirty days at most, and the result is notified to the applicant in writing. The member whose application is accepted is recorded in the book to be kept for this purpose. The principal members of the Association are the founders of the Association and those who are entitled as members by the Executive Board upon their application.

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