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DEDAK Accreditation Training 2023 DEDAK conducted its 2nd Accreditation Training on 18 January 2023, fully online, for the representatives of three newly accepted programs to the accreditation process as of January 2023. During the training, detailed information was provided to the program representatives about DEDAK accreditation culture and processes, DEDAK criteria and scope, and the writing of the self-study report. Questions from institutions were also answered.

2nd DEDAK Accreditation Process General Information Meeting The second DEDAK Accreditation Process General Information Meeting, which was held within the scope of the briefings conducted prior to the accreditation applications of institutions, was held online by DEDAK Chair Didem Mutçalıoğlu on 22 November 2022 at 14:30.

2023 DEDAK Accreditation Applications The Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Language Education Programs (DEDAK) will be accepting accreditation applications for English Preparatory Programs in higher education institutions in Turkey for the year 2023 between November 1st and November 30th, 2022. Programs that intend to apply must submit the application form with a wet signature and complete information to no later than November 30th, 2022. After the applications, the evaluation process will be carried out in December, and 6 main and 3 alternate programs that will start the DEDAK accreditation process will be announced no later than January 6th, 2023. The program selection will be made through an elimination and ranking process created by a scoring system, considering the acceptance criteria listed below, the number and percentage of students studying in the mandatory preparatory program, and information requested on the application form such as attendance. Alternate programs will be included in the process according to their alternate ranking if one of the main programs withdraws from the process, or if there is no such situation, these programs will be given priority in the second application process. You can access information about the accreditation fee via the website link In addition, you can also access documents such as DEDAK accreditation standards, explanations, and program guide, which can guide your application decision, through the website address The acceptance criteria for Language Programs applying for the DEDAK accreditation process are as follows, and it is expected that the accreditation acceptance criteria have been met and implemented for at least 1 year before the accreditation application process: •The exit level of the language program must be at least at a B1+ CEFR level. This requirement also applies to language programs that provide education for faculties/departments with partially English-taught programs. •Students in the program should receive education separated by their language proficiency levels; passing between levels should be carried out within a system designed for measuring and evaluating student achievements. •There should be an organizational chart that includes administrative and academic units/commissions related to the program. •The relevant units/commissions should be structured for Program/Material Development, and Measurement and Evaluation areas in the program. •The program's activity period should be at least three (3) years.

QAAFL 2022 A presentation about DEDAK was given by DEDAK Chair Didem Mutçalıoğlu at the 2nd International Conference on Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Foreign Language Education, held at Izmir Economy University on November 10-11, 2022. The conference featured presentations from Muhsin Kar, Chair of YÖKAK, as well as the chairs of international accreditation bodies in language education such as CEA and EQUALS. The attendees were informed about DEDAK during the well-attended conference.

DEDAK 2nd Reviewer Training DEDAK's 2nd Reviewer Training was held online in English on July 2-3, 2022, for one and a half days and, by experienced reviewers and trainers working within DEDAK. A total of 30 people from 23 higher education institutions participated in the training. Those who participated in this training will be eligible to serve as reviewers in DEDAK's accreditation process.

DEDAK Accreditation Training 2022 DEDAK conducted its 1st Accreditation Training online for a full day on 30 March 2022, specifically for representatives of the five programs that were accepted into the accreditation process as of April 2022. During the training, detailed information on DEDAK's accreditation culture and processes, criteria and scopes, and the writing of self-study reports was provided to program representatives, and questions from institutions were answered.

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